Members of the Innovations in Publishing Research Hub publish research on critical developments within the publishing industry. We examine topics including, but not limited to, digital networks, innovative production technologies, and social issues such as inclusivity and decoloniality. Here, you can find the latest publications of IPRH members.

Managing Digital Innovation in Publishing. Collaborations and Para-Organisations for Creative Change.

By Frania Hall | Routledge, 2024

Reflecting proactively on a growing industry ‘dilemma’, this book explores how publishing businesses can and do successfully experiment and innovate in digital publishing through collaboration. Considering novel approaches to innovation, such as iterative software-style approaches and agile project management, as well as new business models, such as those employed in games development, Frania Hall shows how introducing new people – from software developers to competitors – can help instil a collaborative mindset within the organisation and facilitate constructive experimentation.

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Writing Online and Audio Stories. Crafting Nonfiction for Websites, Podcasts, and Social Media.

By Anna Faherty | Routledge, 2023

Guiding readers through the unique challenges and choices presented by digital publication, this book provides a practical set of tools to help students, creatives, and content professionals craft emotionally engaging nonfiction stories for online readers and listeners. From considering what story to tell, to bringing narratives to life in practice, Anna Faherty explains what gives stories their unique power and demonstrates how to successfully combine techniques from short-stories and screenwriting with journalistic practices like fact checking and verification.

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Recent Articles

By Dr Lucia Vodanovic

(2023) “The Confessional Voice in Food Journalism: Decentring Narratives in the Whetstone Radio Collective”, Journal of Journalism and Media (co-authored with Janani Venkateswaran). You can access the article here.

(2022) “Personal and Professional Identity, Precarity and Discrimination in Global Arts Journalism”, Journalism Studies (co-authored with Rob Sharp). You can access the article here.

(2022) “Confessional Journalism, Authenticity and Lived Experiences: A Case Study of News Stories Published During the Irish Abortion Referendum, Journalism Practice. You can access the whole article here.