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Innovations in Publishing – Symposium

Thursday, 16 September 2021 – 10:30 – 12:30 BST

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This symposium will present a variety of recent research from the UK and Europe exploring different aspects of innovation in publishing.

About this event

Open to All

This symposium will present a variety of recent research from the UK and Europe exploring different aspects of innovation in publishing in both book and magazine sectors.

This includes examining the digital transformation of the book publishing industry, the impacts of social reading platforms, the way the magazine industry is innovating in light of changes in the business environment as well as innovations in digital printing.

Speakers will present their latest research and open up to discussion around these and wider aspects of publishing innovation.

We are delighted to include a PhD section for the last part of the event – with presenters providing us with a work in progress summary of their research into Wattpad in the Philippines, self-publishing in Austria and on streaming platforms.


  • Andrew Blake, University of the Arts London, London College of Communication
  • Laura Bousquet, University of Lyon
  • Simon Das, University of the Creative Arts
  • Frania Hall, University of the Arts London, London College of Communication
  • Anna Klamet, University of the Arts London, London College of Communication
  • David Stam, University of the Arts London, London College of Communication
  • Oswin Ticker, University of the Arts London, London College of Communication

Research focus

Laura Bousquet analyses the transformations of the book industry brought to light by Social Reading platforms in France, Germany, and the US. Her work focuses on the characteristics of online literary prescription and of the relationship between publishers and their readers in a digitalised and globalised industry.

Simon Das, David Stam and Andrew Blake will draw upon their new book Innovations in Magazine Publishing to consider the key issues that publishers and editors have had to grapple with in recent years, exploring the way the industry had developed new business models and encouraged innovation and creativity.

Frania Hall focuses her research on digital innovation for book publishing, exploring the way collaborations with the wider creative sector provide opportunities for developing new digital products. She considers organisational behaviours in relation to setting up effective processes for innovation.

Anna Klamet’s research focuses on e-publishing in small European nations. She has analysed the way digitisation has encouraged publishing houses to innovate and adapt their business models and what role national contexts such as language market size play in the adaption process. She will talk about current e-publishing strategies in Austria, Scotland and Slovenia.

Oswin Tickler is a design educator across a number of Colleges and Universities, alongside running his own design business that predominantly focuses on experimental publishing and editorial design. His research focuses on exploring innovations in digital printing technologies

PhD track:

  • Cecilia Bennett – PhD Student at Edinburgh Napier University talking about Streaming Platforms
  • Rita Faire – PhD Student at Edinburgh Napier University examining Wattpad in the Philippines
  • Madeleine Span – PhD student at the University of Applied Arts Vienna presenting some findings from her research on the current state of self-publishing with a specific focus on self-published authors in Austria.

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Supporting literature

Innovations in Magazine Publishing (available from Routledge).

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Creativity Collaboration and Media Management: A Conversation

July 2018

Summary by Dr. Simon Das.

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Red Arrows

A first time for our small (but nicely formed) research group, July 10, 2018 saw us hosting an ‘In Conversation’ hub meeting at LCC (UAL) with two esteemed guests: Dr John Oliver, Professor of Media Management at Bournemouth University and Ruth Leary, Principal Fellow of the MA in Creative and Media Enterprises at Warwick University.

Overlooking Parliament from the 11th floor of LCC’s tower, we were rather delighted to see the RAF commemoration flypast on the same afternoon, despite having only organised coffee, pastries and PowerPoints.

Attended by three of the main hub members, a number of postgraduate students at UAL (mainly from the MA in Publishing at LCC) and faculty members from the School of Media (including the head of Journalism), the presented agenda was for the members of the CIMRH hub to outline their PhD work to date, after hearing from two very different academics – from two very different academies – about their creative industries and media management research, conference landscape, peer reviewed journal preferences and post-graduate teaching.

The idea of a ‘conversation’ was seen as being useful to CIMRH as a semi structured way to hear about the fields of media management, creative industries studies, media studies and media business so that links could be made for the researchers in the hub, any areas of overlap and intersection could be explored and the visiting academic could provide advice about completing PhDs and moving on to post-doctoral work, especially with regard to conferences, journals and research centres.

Exploring Entrepreneurship

March 10th 2017

Six entrepreneurs working in creative sectors came to talk about their experiences setting up and running new businesses. Sophie Rochester of the Literary Platform and Yodomo curated the event and moderated the panel discussions.

Divided into two sessions we asked first about STARTING UP and asked:

  • What motivated them to start creative businesses?
  • What was their original idea?
  • How did they get up and running?
  • What skills did they find they needed?
  • Where did the funding come from?

Following that we then talked about MOVING ON, and asked:

  • How has their team grown?
  • Who makes the decisions?
  • What have they done to grow in terms of funding and how involved are investors?
  • What have been the biggest challenges?
  • Where next?

The discussion ranged around a variety of issues covering the pain and pleasure of running your own enterprise. They outlined the absurd meetings they have had to attend with investors; each had different approaches to social media; they reinforced how important networking in all sorts of different ways. We examined the level of involvement of investors and the importance of advice. There was also a consideration given to the level of experience they had before they went it alone as well as the particular issues women entrepreneurs can face.

However it was clear that while they all have faced challenges, they also enjoy the creativity of their businesses and particularly the fact they are working with great people.

The entrepreneurs were:

  • Vince Medeiros from Huck and Little White Lies
  • John Bond from WhiteFox publishing services
  • Benji Lanyado from Picfair picture agency
  • Hana Sutch from Furthermore digital product and service design and founder of Go Jauntly.
  • Lorraine Dickey from
  • Sophie Rochester from Yodomo